I Shoot

I shoot because the camera lets me find beauty. I don't create beauty very well, being rather unartistic, so I'm left to find it where it exists, often undetected or hidden, or fleeting in time. There's certainly satisfaction in capturing a moment that no one else ever will, and everything has another perspective waiting to be found.

Of course, light is everthing to a photographer. It constantly changes, and I enjoy it best in the clouds. Little stirs me more than a dramatic sky, and the challenge is always to find a context for it. The sky by itself, however beautiful or dramatic, seems to lack a narrative without something beneath it to share the experience.

I also get to play with some fun gadgetry. Currently I carry a Canon EOS 30D, a competent if not state-of-the-art body. In terms of image quality, it's phenomenal. Newer bodies offer more features, but rarely better photographs. My kit includes Canon's 50mm f/1.4, 70-200mm f/4 L, and 18-55 IS, a set of Kenko macro tubes, and the usual odds and ends.

Thanks for looking.