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Great news: This pin also fits MAS 49 French and MAS 49 Syrian

Top with scope is French MAS 49
Crusty one in the middle is the Syrian MAS 49
On the bottom looking fine is the MAS 49/56
Micheal F. from Connecticut discovered something I learned from no other source. This surprised me because others said the pins were dedicated to each MAS model. "They” got it wrong.

Mike just happened to have a French 49/56, a French 49 and a Syrian 49. He looked at the bolt and pin in each and said “wait a minute they’re all the same.” I sent him a pin and he tried it in all three guns... and hurray, hurray it worked. I’m giving Mike the Magellan Award for a terrific discovery.

WLD 0091waynedavis2012-800Top: Bolt
Middle: TFP firing pin at 11.793 grams is 42% less than OEM MAS pin
Bottom: Original MAS pin

The MAS 49/56 Titanium Firing Pin

What you are eyeballing is an exact replica of the heavy steel OEM firing pin to within + or - .0005" with one minor exception--the head of the pin is flatter than most pins.

This one is made from Ti-6AL-4V, Grade 5 titanium. Titanium firing pins have proven to be the most direct cure for embarrassing and potentially dangerous slam, burst and/or auto fire in MAS 49/56 rifles using commercial ammo with soft primers. My TFP weighs a mere .415 ounces (.026 lbs or 11.793 grams). That is a 42% weight savings over the OEM MAS 49/56 firing pin which is a weighty little devil and tops the scale at .045 pounds (.719 oz. or 20.411 grams).

What my petite firing pin does is reduce the mass of forward inertia of the firing pin and thereby inadvertent repetitive fire. Owners of the previously made TFP by McCann reported excellent results. And better yet, you can use this pin on commercial or military surplus.

WLD 0103waynedavis2012-800
A pin in a tube. Your TFP firing pin comes in a camo tube. It protects your TFP in your range bag.

A modern problem haunts a great old combat rifle

The 49/56 firing pin is "free-floating" within the bolt. The heavy MAS pin was designed to impact French Milspec 7.5x 54mm ammo with tough combat primers-ie: with considerable force. Modern commercial ammunition and reloads have "softer" primers because they are sufficient for civilian use. The heavy steel MAS 49/56 firing pin exhibits sufficient forward inertia when the bolt is released to impact and detonate sensitive commercial primers. (This all happens without pulling the trigger.)

Various unwanted occurrences can result: Slam fire (a round is hurled down the barrel when the bolt is released), burst fire (a couple of rounds fire off to the great surprise of the shooter), or full auto (the weapon just rocks and rolls on until the mag is empty).

WLD 0072waynedavis2012-800
Commercial ammo on left with soft primer. Mil spec ammo on right with tougher primer.

Now these negative happenings can be embarrassing. Perhaps your gunsmith will call you and tell you to "Come pick up this piece of s--t" as happened to me. When I arrived and asked what the problem was, he said "Move that poster aside." Curiously I did and there was a large hole in his brick basement wall. The poster covered his embarrassment of a slam fire. Happily the round didn't pass through his wall and blast some little kid!

WLD 0112waynedavis2012-800
TFP firing pins are the exact dimensions of the original

Perhaps you are at the range and your MAS goes temporarily out of control. Eyebrows will rise along the line and the range master will compound your red face with cautioning words spoken loudly. Or maybe the barrel is pointed down and you shoot your buddy's foot off. I doubt that you'll kill anyone because you will have practiced the second rule of gun handling. All of these events and other sad tales should be avoided and they can be.

Other remedies for this un-expected detonation problem can be found on a web tour. One cure is to machine the MAS bolt to accept a small firing pin return spring. That apparently is a good solution but the machining would probably cost you more than my TFP.

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New lower price

New supplier

Bill Toth

America's leading expert on MAS rifles comments on the MAS 49/56 Titanium Firing Pin:

Let me first start by congratulating you on your titanium firing pin. It is a fine piece of machine work and accurate to OEM dimensions. The (pin in titanium) is founded in solid mechanical/physical principals and in the current specifications will eliminate the "slam fire". The solution to the slam fire problem is to hold the firing pin protrusion to .035 total (and to hold to other OE specs-editor). The Titanium firing pin may fire military issue but don’t chance it--just slip the OE pin back in and save the TFP for commercial ammunition.

The following procedure was used in the evaluation and testing your titanium firing pin (with an interesting observation noted).

Step 1. Inspected rifle and checked head space

Step 2. Loaded and fired one round French military surplus 7.5 x 54. Inspected case and primer

Step 3. Loaded magazine with two rounds of ammunition to check for slam fire. The first round loaded was one round of French military surplus followed by one round FNM commercial (Portuguese) Lot #9001, 7.5 x 54,

Step #4. Fired first round (French surplus), no slam fire, rifle recycled and chambered the next FNM round.

Step #5. Opened the action to check primer for indentation from titanium firing pin on unfired cartridge.

Upon extracting the unfired FNM cartridge case. I observed that the projectile had become completely detached from the case (due to the inertia of chambering) with the propellant spilled throughout the chamber and magazine. My observation confirms the FNM bullet did detach from the case. Upon inspecting FNM brass which was previously used to test fire other rifles, I observed powder fouling on all 15 FNM cases, with no fouling of 20 Privi Partizan, 35 French surplus or 30 Egyptian/Arabian surplus.

(In case the message is not clear AVOID FNM AMMO.)

I consulted Bill to judge the quality and function of my firing pin. I was not after him for an endorsement. He surprised me by writing the above. Bill, I think, is the country's leading expert on MAS rifles. He has fixed many, many of them and knows their idiosyncrasies. If you are having any problem what-so-ever with a standard MAS or one that has been butchered, call Bill. He is a very nice guy and will find a solution for you.

Bill Toth
Design System Technologies
2A Old Green Creek Road
Benton, PA 17814


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WLD 0169waynedavis2012-400Your purchase of this product is an acceptance of the dangers associated with weapons, ammunition and what the combination can do when improper care and improper use of the weapon occur. You are expected to know all aspects of gun safety or find another hobby.

A Wise Note

I am asking you not to use the TFP on milspec ammo. Primers are robust in combat ammo and I fear that titanium, being a more brittle material, may not last up against harder primers over the long haul. So switch firing pins for intended ammo. Luckily, the pin switch is quick and easy.


If the FTP fails in anyway just send yours back and I will reimburse you for its cost. Make no mistake if you do something really stupid (like shoot someone or damage property with your rifle) it is not the firing pin's fault!  A suit against this product will be disappointing because the company has few attractive assets.

Care & feeding of your TFP

Keep the firing pin channel free of cosmoline, grease or oily residue. Excess lubricants can interfere with a free-floating firing pin.

TFP Range Stories

I finally got to the range today to test fire my MAS with the new TFP. The TFP has completely transformed my MAS!!! The performance difference is beyond my expectations! With the old steel pin my MAS would randomly slam fire the rifle to point of it being a range menace. Now, it shoots smooth and clean – not a single slam fire after several boxes of PMC Bronze .308. I'm totally thrilled with how your product breathed new life into my rifle.  THANK YOU!!

Brian Arrington
Shoreline, Washington

My firing pin solved my slam fire problem.

Tommy in Georgia

The titanium pin totally solved the problem I had with my MAS 49/56. Before the replacement pin I would get 2 and 3 round bursts approximately every 30 rounds.

Brandon in Pennsylvania

The MAS 49/56 titanium pin solved my [slam-fire] trouble very, very well.

Di Giampaolo in Rome, Italy