Friday, June 17th. 5:00 Social Gathering, 6:30 Potluck

Sauk Rapids Municipal Park Shelter, 1001 River Ave N. Sauk Rapids.


Is that an oxymoron? Who cares. Atheists are every bit as "spiritual", loving, and high on life as anyone. Maybe more so, knowing that this life is the only life. Here are a few sweet little ditties to prove it.

Terry Mortenson from Answers in Genesis (AiG) was in Morris, Minnesota presenting Young Earth Creationism information to the community. I was asked by Central Minnesota Freethinkers to cover the event and (hopefully) interview Mortenson.

While killing time between the morning session and evening, I realized that Morris is also home to Biologist and University of Minnesota Morris professor PZ Myers. I absolutely adore PZ and am an avid reader of his blog Pharyngula. On a whim, I called him and to my delight he was able to grant an interview.

So, here's what I did: I posed the same questions to each interviewee. Not every question has a dual response because sometimes the interviewee already answered the question in a previous response. After each interview, I transcribed the dialogue.

I hope you enjoy reading this final draft as much as I enjoyed working on it.


April 7, 2011, St. Cloud, MN – Central Minnesota Freethinkers is sponsoring a presentation by August Berkshire, noted speaker and the president of Minnesota Atheists, at the St. Cloud public library on Monday, April 18th at 7:00 pm. His program is titled “Morality With And Without God”. Admission is free and it will be held in the Mississippi room at the library.

The Central Minnesota Freethinkers is a St. Cloud area organization of humanists, rationalists, free-thinkers, atheists and agnostics who meet regularly to foster a community of reason in Central Minnesota.

The highway clean up for Rice, MN will be on Sunday, May 22. We will start the clean up at 1:00 pm. Some will gather at noon for brunch at the Old Creamery Cafe in Rice, 405 Main Street, just west of the stoplight on highway 10.

Contact Deb at 320-253-5422, or Steve Petersen at 651-484-9277 or

Dress for outside weather conditions with sturdy shoes and work gloves. The latest in highway vest will be supplied. If there is rain we will still meet and discuss and plan the next date We have been doing this clean up for several years, and have had a large enough crew to complete this in about two hours.

I recently signed the petition that requests Apple remove the "gay cure" iPhone/iPod app.  I received the following note last Thursday:

Amazing! After more than 150,000 petition signatures from members and saturation media coverage, news outlets worldwide are reporting that Apple has pulled an iPhone application launched by Exodus International that claimed to help "cure" gay and lesbian people.