Evan's Photography

These are some photos I've shot over the years. I mostly use a Canon EOS 30D with a 18-135mm lens.

Downtown Saint Cloud

Scenic Shots

Who is Fred?

Fred has sadly passed away. He was the cutest little guy I have ever seen.

Fred lived to be 2 years, 6 months, and 13 days old.

Who is Teddy?

Teddy is my turtle and he is also a great companion.

Despite living in a tank, Teddy moves around a LOT. He is cute and cuddly, and loves to chase my finger whenever I hold it in front of him. He just turned 3 years old as of 3-22-2020. He and Fred are the best pets I could ever have.

Birds of Central Minnesota

Camera Equipment


Canon EOS 7D Body

Canon EF 70-200mm L IS USM Lens with Canon 1.4x extender


Canon EOS 30D Body

Canon EF 75-300mm IS Lens

species collected.